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The Key to Successful Aging

What does successful aging look like? For Dr. Roger Landry, author of Live Long, Die Short, it means continuing to flourish and adapt to new situations. As a former flight surgeon in the Air Force, Dr. Landry understands the importance of keeping people healthy and performing at their best. “Being older is not necessarily a one-track journey to decline,” he says. “There can be growth right up until the very end.”

Dr. Landry knows that social interaction is essential to overall health. “It’s in our very DNA to be connected with others,” he says. “We thrive when we are with others. We are at our best.” That’s why Revel Nevada helps foster a strong sense of community with group activities, outings, and the chance to connect with friends and family over a delicious meal.

Revel Executive Director Chuck Faylor also has insights to share about aging successfully. “Seniors who are active physically, socially, spiritually, mentally, all those things, they live longer,” Faylor says. “They live happier and healthier lives. To have something to look forward to every day, to get excited about and to join others in that excitement, it’s a very special thing.”

Revel Nevada helps residents continue to grow through individually tailored opportunities and one-of-a-kind experiences based on the six dimensions of wellness: Physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, and social.

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